2014 BSCS


2014 Curriculum (for 57x - 61x)

At the Department of Computer Science, Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology, we believe in the science that creates positive impacts to the world. We believe in nourishing creative minds while ensuring the solid foundation of the knowledge is never compromised. We believe in the Computer Science that maintains its core values as it modernizes itself through time.
Our study programs are designed based on such beliefs. With qualified experts in the field, both academic and industrial, our curriculum, courses and facilities are designed to foster creativity and innovativeness as students gain the core knowledge in theories and practices. And all these within a truly international environment.
So if you are one of those who genuinely believe in building your expertise into something that matters, learn more about our community and how we can drive towards it together.

Curriculum Structure​

Total number of credits: 126 Credits
  1. General Education Courses (30 Credits)
    1. Language Courses (12 Credits)
    2. Humanities Course (3 Credits)
    3. Social Science Courses (6 Credits)
    4. Science and Mathematics Courses (9 Credits)
  2. Specialized Courses (90 Credits)
    1. Basic Courses (15 Credits)
    2. Major Courses (36 Credits)
    3. Major Elective Courses (39 Credits)
  3. Free Elective Courses (6 Credits)
General Education Courses

Language Courses
English I
English II
English III
English IV

Humanities Course
World Civilization

Science and Mathematics Courses

Basic Mathematics and Statistics
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Social Interests, Government Policies, and Technology
Social Science Courses
Introduction to Business
Specialized Courses

Basic Courses
Mathematics Foundation for Computer Science
Calculus I
Principles of Statistics
Intellectual Property Law
Entrepreneurship in Technology Business

Major Required Courses

Computer Programming I
Computer Programming II
Data Structures and Algorithms
Computer Architecture
Programming Languages
Database Systems
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Senior Project I
Algorithms Design
Senior Project II
Introduction to Information Technology
(Remark: All major required courses required at least C grades.)
Major Elective Courses

Group 1: Students are required to choose 8 courses (24 credits).

Computer Graphics
Computer Network Security
Image Processing
Enterprise Database System
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Information Retrieval & Search Engines
Recommender Systems
Machine Learning
Systems Analysis and Design
Theory of Computation
Web Application Development
Seminar in Computer Science

Group 2: Students are required to choose one concentration and study 5 courses (15 credits) from the chosen concentration.

Group 2(A) Software Engineering
Human Computer Interaction
ICT Project Management
Software Architecture and Design
Software Engineering
Software Engineering Workshop
Software Quality Assurance
Software Verification and Validation

Group 2(B) Informatics
Artificial Intelligence Concepts
Introduction to Big Data Analytics
Data Mining
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Intelligent System Development
Multiprocessor Programming
Numerical Analysis

Group 2(C) Software Design and Development
Software Engineering
Android Application Development
iOS Application Development
Enterprise Application Development
Introduction to Game Development
Game Design and Development Workshop
UI/UX Design and Prototyping

Free Elective Courses
Students can take free elective courses of 6 credits from any faculty in Assumption University upon completion of the prerequisite.