Master of Science in Computer Science


Master of Science in Computer Science

Our MSCS program is designed to enrich creative minds with solid foundation in computer science. Our curriculum, courses, and facilities are designed to foster creativity and innovativeness as students gain the core knowledge through theoretical learning and hands-on practices.

Our faculties are qualified experts in various fields, both academic and industrial. Many faculty members are actively involved within the industry. They are reachable not only in classrooms, but also in labs and research groups that students can participate in.

Most importantly, we are fully an international university, with a truly international learning environment, and a culture of entrepreneurial minds.

Curriculum Structure

Plan A:   Coursework and Thesis
Preparatory Courses (Non-credit)
Required Courses (9  Credits)
Elective Courses (15  Credits)
Thesis (12  Credits)
Total 36 Credits


Plan B: Coursework and Independent Study
Preparatory Courses (Non-credit)
Required Courses (9  Credits)
Elective Courses (24  Credits)
Independent Study (3  Credits)
Total 36 Credits


Preparatory Courses
SC 5211  Computer Programming and Data Structure
SC 5212 Computing Systems
Required Courses
SC 6201 Advanced Computing Systems
SC 6202 Computability, Complexity and Algorithms 
SC 6212 Programming Languages and Compiler
Elective Courses

Plan A: Students must select at least 5 elective courses (15 credits)
Plan B: Students must select at least 8 elective courses (24 credits)
SC 6319 Computer Network and Internet Security
SC 6324 Principles of Software Engineering
SC 6360 Artificial Intelligence 
SC 6362 Data Mining
SC 6365 Natural Language Understanding and Processing   
SC 6399 Graduate Seminar in Computer Science
SC 6601 Cloud Computing and Big Data
SC 6602 Data Analysis and Visualization  
SC 6603 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligences
SC 6604 Database Management Systems
SC 6610 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
SC 6611 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
SC 6612 Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency
SC 6613 Recommender Systems
SC 6620 Computer Graphics
SC 6621 Computer Vision
SC 6622 Augmented and Virtual Environments
SC 6630 User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)
SC 6631 Web Technology, Applications and Security
SC 6632 Mobile Computing
SC 6640 Principles of the Theory of Computation
SC 6633 Ubiquitous Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)
SC 6400-99 Selected Topics in Computer Science
SC 6500-99 Directed Individual Study in Computer Science
SC 8311 Parallel Algorithms
SC 8313 Computational Geometry 
SC 8314 Information and Coding Theory
SC 8322 Image Processing
SC 8323 Computational Models of Decision Making 
SC 8354 Advanced Computer Communications
SC 8380-599 Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Independent Study

Plan B: Students must take at least 3 credits of independent study course.
SC 6900 Master Project


Plan A (12-credit Thesis): Students must take at least 12 credits of thesis course. It is suggested that the courses are separated into 2 semesters, which are 3 credits and 9 credits, respectively.
SC 7000 Thesis